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Friday, April 25, 2014


well wanna talk about customer here.

ughhh kinda mad but well not all customer are well mannered right? bur seriously guys. don't be too rude.

agents do the best to serve you and be shameless to ask the shop owner about the stock, prices. and our boss of course is BUSY. she not like me who always in front of laptop doing nothing but wait for customer.

and please.. even a thank you its already enough if you dont want to buy it. not just ignore us like that. u making me feel really down you know.

and I really appreciate to customers that really well mannered to us. /bow/

that's all for tonight :)


Thursday, April 24, 2014


so today I want to join LOTS of kpop fans group in facebook and suddenly they block me like WTH facebook?! =.=

so I'm struggling with my phone and facebook now. and I don't have credit to reply huhu T^T

this is just so frustrated.

so for temporary add me here

#agent Reen


Who's Reen and  who's Chan?

well it's easy. it's my name Reen and my ultimate bias Kim Himchan. :)

well I maybe if my blog getting famous (doubting) maybe I can ask someone to join this blog as admin Chan~ and I'm admin Reen~ kkk (too imaginative yeah yeah)

well since I'm an agent. don't shy shy cat to contact me for any inquiry ^^

Reen&Chan forever~ ok this is so weird right? I'm weird? ok ok

I enjoying being weird. hihi

#Agent Reen

B.A.P killing me seriously

so B.A.P start their Continent tour I really really really envy with those lucky Babyz >.<

gosh imagine they hip thrusting everywhere. fan services everywhere. can see Jongup six pax. Yongguk really really oh gosh such a tease. and Himchan he keep smiling everywhere (I'm melting)

and I absolutely really can't take with man wearing white shirt. so sexy. grrrrr

ok maybe that's all. I know it's boring but I can't sleep so yeah. babbling here and there.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Agent Reen at your service~ eheh

hey kpopperz whatsuppz~!

Agent Reen here \(^0^)/

I want to update for albums Pre Order so here the lists


  • EXO First Box - RM 136 [WM] & RM 140 [EM] including postage and poster in tube

  • EXO K Overdose - RM 70 including postage and poster in tube

  • EXO M Overdose - RM 70 including postage and poster in tube


EXO - K OVERDOSE or EXO - M OVERDOSE + EXO HANDCREAM SET = RM150 include postage with poster in tube! 

  • B.A.P First Sensibility Album - RM 69 include postage and poster folded or RM 72 include postage and poster in tube

  • B.A.P No Mercy Japan Version Type A - RM 79 include postage

  • B.A.P No Mercy Japan Version Type B - RM 59 include postage

  • B.A.P No Mercy Japan Version Type C - RM 109 include postage 

  • B.A.P Recording Take 4 - RM 150 include postage  

  • B.A.P First Japan Tour Warrior Begins DVD

 well that's all for now! you can order through my facebook or you could whatapps


hi I'm Reen.. erm too mainstream huh?

well let's straight to the point of introduction here.

I'm a weirdo with weird and extreme logic and imagine. well do accept my annoyed act since my life full with annoyed creature. yes. I'm an alien from Mato planet.

study  graphic and oh I'm so gonna be furious with those fucking shit geniuses who look down and insulting art people. =.=

love all kinds of music style. hip hop, rock, ballad you name it. since B.A.P make me observe and listen all kind of genre. kpop not only pop right ahaks.

since I'm kinda poor so I have a job as kpop shop agent. I'll update more for pre-order and stuffs. excited excited? no? ok.... well Agent Reen at you service ;)

btw do visit ma boss shop . she's really friendly and she sell kpop items in the cheapest price she could get.
you can also find B.A.P official merchandises there. not forget EXO too, pshhhhh but order at me ok? kekeke