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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


hi I'm Reen.. erm too mainstream huh?

well let's straight to the point of introduction here.

I'm a weirdo with weird and extreme logic and imagine. well do accept my annoyed act since my life full with annoyed creature. yes. I'm an alien from Mato planet.

study  graphic and oh I'm so gonna be furious with those fucking shit geniuses who look down and insulting art people. =.=

love all kinds of music style. hip hop, rock, ballad you name it. since B.A.P make me observe and listen all kind of genre. kpop not only pop right ahaks.

since I'm kinda poor so I have a job as kpop shop agent. I'll update more for pre-order and stuffs. excited excited? no? ok.... well Agent Reen at you service ;)

btw do visit ma boss shop . she's really friendly and she sell kpop items in the cheapest price she could get.
you can also find B.A.P official merchandises there. not forget EXO too, pshhhhh but order at me ok? kekeke

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